TC Shadowlight offers complete start-to-finish solutions for all your visual needs. Our campus features a photo studio, a state-of-the-art soundstage, a full-service carpentry shop, and support spaces like wardrobe rooms and client lounges. In addition, our talented team of professional designers, stylists, carpenters, cinematographers, photographers, and post-production artists will ensure your project is in good hands from start to finish.

Set Design

TC Shadowlight’s team of set designers work with you to create a custom concept, layout and design that will connect with your audience. They will produce a complete conceptual design that will detail every aspect of the completed set.

Set Construction

Our team of full-time carpenters and artisans use the latest construction technology to create beautiful, high-quality, fully functional sets to meet your project’s specific needs.

  • Carpentry 2016
  • Carpentry 2016

Set Styling

After your set is built, TC Shadowlight can help you furnish, style and accessorize it. With access to a multi-million dollar prop inventory, our design team will select the furniture, fabrics and accessories to create the perfect look for your brand’s unique style.

  • shadowlight prop inventory
  • shadowlight prop inventory

Image Capture

TC Shadowlight’s talented team of photographers, cinematographers and CGI artists have the experience and resources to capture the exact look and feel for your brand or product.

Post Production

A solutions and artistry centered department that creates cohesive, stunning, and welcoming photography and videos that drive our clients’ marketing efforts. The Digital Services team adapts to industry and technological evolution to provide both exceptional media and customer service.